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Painting booth

  • Painting booth

  • Painting and drying booths represent a profitable investment for clients needing high efficiency painting solutions. The drying rate in a drying booths is several times higher than outside the booths and reduces the drying time.

    SciTeeX offers two types of painting and drying booths depending on ventilation type:

    VENUS Series with vertical ventilation

    DIANA Series with horizontal ventilation

    Painting and drying booths are available in a variety of sizes according to customer needs.

    SciTeeX painting and drying booths possess the following features :

    Modern technology (dust-free operation, paint overspray collection system, stable spraying temperature, elevated drying temperature)
    High production efficiency (weather condition independent operation, elevated temperature in the drying phase)

    Safety and hygiene of work (daylight-grade illumination, fire safety, efficient ventilation rendering operator's individual respiratory protection equipment redundant)

    Low operation cost (reduced operating costs owing recirculation of warm air in the drying phase)

    Environmental friendly (efficient dust collection, low solvent vapor concentration, low air pollutant emission)

    Limited operating area requirement (minimized production area)

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