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  • KOROTECH - is one of the company TECHNIJA brands.
    We are well known in the Baltic region since 2007. We can supply almost every imaginable tool, machine and accessories for the surface treatment - sandblasting, airless spraying, powder coating, high pressure cleaning - you name it, we got it!
    We are constantly updating our knowledge and skills, adapting every newest technological tendencies in this industry. To stay on top and to improve, we consistently communicate and visit our main partners, manufacturers, participate and various international fares. If you are interested in creating some sort of project, share it with us, we will help you make the right decision, which will be based on years of experience and economical calculations!

    To facilitate the nationwide and worldwide online order process we have created an online shop Here you will find our full range of products, prices (when registered) and estimated delivery time. If there are any doubts or questions about a certain product or a whole project - please don't hesitate to contact us. We will always answer withing few hours.