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Paint sprayer TITAN CAPSPRAY X80

  • Paint sprayer TITAN CAPSPRAY X80

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  • Paint sprayer TITAN CAPSPRAY X80

    A painting machine with XVLP technology, whose powerful turbine allows it to be adapted to various interior and exterior works, which can be expanded with additional accessories. With the solvent-resistant XVLP sprayer, all common water-based and solvent-based paints can be processed.

    CAPSPRAY X80's low pressure technology creates a minimal spray mist that is harmless to the material and the environment. All air and material rate settings are fully adjustable on the sprayer to suit the object being coated.

    Recommended for: metal surfaces (e.g. railings, radiators, with additional accessories - garages, gates and fences) and wooden surfaces (e.g. tables, doors, frames, kitchen facades and furniture).

    Advantages of CAPSPRAY X80:
    XVLP fine spray: easy control and perfect surfaces
    Dual air filters: easy access filters with a large surface area for optimal spraying
    XVLP sprayer: ergonomic design for fatigue-free spraying
    Sprayer mount: for XVLP sprayers with gravity feed tank (sprayer with gravity feed tank is available as a separate accessory)
    FineFinish sprayer holder: for work breaks, storage and transport
    Integrated storage box: ideal for storing needles, air caps, tools and cleaning supplies
    Filter warning light: Indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced

    Technical specifications:

    Power: 1.15 kW
    Noise level: 80 dB
    Engine type: Electric
    Voltage/Frequency: 230 V/50 Hz
    Spray type: XVLP/HVLP
    Maximum pressure: 0.3 bar
    Scope of work: 50 m² - 200 m²
    Suitable materials: Oily materials, enamels, primers, impregnants, varnishes, greases
    Pump type: turbine pump
    Weight: 6.8 kg