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Filter cartridges for ECO/CAB cabinets

  • Filter cartridges for ECO/CAB cabinets

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    Cartridge filter 11м²
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    Cartridge filter 7,5м²
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    CAB 110-135, ECO 80-140

  • Filter cartridges for ECO / CAB blast cabinets

    Filters for cleaning of air pollution and dust in blast cabinets ECO/CAB.
    All Contracor blast cabinets ECO/CAB types are equipped with cartridge type air filters. Filters ensure a permitted concentration
    of dust particles of max. 5 mg/m³. Filters are made of cellulose fibre with a polyester coating.

    Product Code For models For cabinets
    Cartridge filter 7,5 м²  22070103 DC-550/DC-1100 CAB-110, ECO-80, ECO-100
    Cartridge filter 11 м²  22070104 DC-750/DC-1500 CAB-135, ECO-140, ECO-120