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Electric gravity oven

  • Electric gravity oven

    Electric gravity oven


    Gravitational heating system

    Thanks to the use of a gravitational heating system in gravity furnaces of the SPARK series, we can boast of a good result of temperature uniformity, our research has shown that the uniformity of air temperature in our gravitational furnaces with the appropriate arrangement of elements does not exceed ± 5 ° C ! We owe the result to our heating element assembly technology.

    Fast heating

    SPARK gravitational furnaces are equipped with specially designed heaters that quickly give off heat, thanks to which our furnaces heat up quickly. Fast heating is due to the seals and insulation used, the specially profiled gasket does not contain asbestos and is safe for the user. Optimized insulation, no contact between the furnace chamber and the casing minimizes heat loss and saves power. Our ovens, depending on the model, heat up at a speed of up to 8 ° C per minute.

    Transport system

    The furnaces of the SPARK series are standard equipped with two lower transport trolleys. In response to the market demand for inexpensive solutions, we have developed a manual bottom transport system that allows you to transport large-sized items with a small amount of force. Our system allows optimal use of the entire surface of the furnace and ensures high cleanliness of painted elements. Thanks to the use of two trolleys, the trolley moving around the hall does not contaminate the interior of the furnace. The upper trolley is used for the very entrance to the kiln. The use of one trolley causes the introduction of dirt from the floor into the furnace chamber, our system eliminates this problem.