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Compressed air filter DFF-P

  • Compressed air filter DFF-P

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    Solid particles up to 5μm 

  • DFF-series-...-P Air Filters supplied ready-to-use, assembled with a filter element, and are a reliable and cost effective method of compressed air preparation.

    Modular construction. New filter head design enables in-line installation of filters and separators to achieve the required ISO filtration class according to ISO 8573-1:2010.

    Standard delivery:

    Status indicator (DFF 012-025) or differential manometer (DFF 036-125).
    Automatic drain valve.
    To be preceded by:

    Adsorption dryer ADM/ADX.
    Activated carbon tower ACM/ACT.


    Filter elements are manufactured using high quality materials from leading suppliers.
    Automatic condensate drain.
    Maximum operating pressure of 16 bar.
    Operating temperature range from 2 °C to 60 °C.

    Technical data

    Grade: P
    Filter type: Solid particles
    Particle removal*, micron: 5
    Max. remaining oil content at 20°C (total oil)*, mg/m3: -
    Maximum operating temperature, °C: 65
    Pressure loss at nominal air flow - new filter element, mbar: 10
    Pressure loss at nominal air flow - element change, mbar: 350
    Change element every: 12 months
    * Nominal conditions and test procedures according to ISO 8573