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Blast machine Z-25, Z-50

  • Blast machine Z-25, Z-50

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    Blast machine is used in small-scale objects, for restoration or repair of products. Cleans metal, concrete, wood, etc. surface. 

  • Abrasive blasting machine Z-25 / Z-50

    High performance abrasive blasting of metal constructions and buildings, bridges, reservoirs, piping, concrete surfaces.

    Cleaning up to grade SA-3,0.

    Performance up to 15 m2/h.

    Designed for working with any dry abrasives, max. grain size 4,0 mm. 


    Technical data
      Z-25 Z-50
    Max. working pressure 10 bar 10 bar
    Vessel capacity 25 liter 50 liter
    Working temperature -10...+50°C  -10...+50°C
    Vessel diameter 306 mm 415 mm
    Vessel height 960 mm 1180 mm
    Weight ~46 ~73

    The compressed air consumption depends directly on the size of the sanding nozzle and the working compressed air pressure required to treat the surface and can range from 200 l/min. up to 5400 l/min. 

    Abrasive blasting machine are equipped on with a highly efficient CAF-0 filter which eliminates up to 98% of the condensate and oil from compressed air. This prevents work stoppages in connection with the removal of dampened abrasive from the tank.

    The set consists of: abrasive tank, screen, cap, dosing valve, high performance moisture separator, quick hose couplings.

    Additional equipment

    Remote control system (remote control valve, 5m remote control hose, Deadman handle).

    Remote control system for blasting machine