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Blast helmet VEGA

  • Blast helmet VEGA

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    Blast helmet with anti-noise ear protection system

  • VEGA abrasive blasting helmet

    The VEGA helmet is designed to be used on flux & abrasion processing stations (sanding and shot blasting), where objects are cleaned with the use of abrasive material ejected from nozzles by compressed air. An indicator of inflowing respiratory air volume is installed in the helmet. The helmet is completed with a system adjusting the volume of inflowing respiratory air or with air-conditioner heating (or cooling) air inflowing to the helmet. The helmet protects the user’s respiratory system from dust and other contamination, protects the ears from noise, as well as protecting the user’s head, eyes and trunk from chips of abrasive material and separated corrosion products. In order to increase the level of noise protection, the VEGA are equipped with an anti-noise ear protection system. In the production of the helmets top quality materials are used and the latest technological solutions applied. The helmet is made of a composite material consisting of highly durable glass fibres. It is reinforced with a layer of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and the visor frame is made of ABS material. The helmet has a panoramic pane made of polycarbonate, and is protected by foil fastened on catches and mesh. The helmet is assembled manually, and thus 100% product quality control is assured. Technical solutions, which are not present in other similar products, were applied in the helmet. The helmet’s protection parameters were confirmed by a CE safety certificate (in compliance with Directive 89/686/EEC and EN 271, EN 14594 standards).

    The helmet’s producer maintains an ISO 9001 quality management system certified by TÜV NORD. Helmet’s advantages: Resistant to abrasion, easy replacement of external apron (fastened by hook and loop fasteners). Ergonomic internal insert cushioning the user’s head and ensuring high comfort of use.