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Automatic condensate drain SCB LogiDrain 101 COMPACT 230V

  • Automatic condensate drain SCB LogiDrain 101 COMPACT 230V

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    Automatic condensate drain LD101 COMPACT 


    The new LogiDrain series has been designed to solve condensate drainage problems in production plants and compressed air distribution systems.

    Modern technology allows condensate to be discharged without any loss of compressed air.

    LogiDrain products start when the condensate reaches the maximum level. The sensor sends a signal to the solenoid valve, the condensate is emptied to level "A" (minimum value) to prevent loss of compressed air. In the event of a failure, the electronic system unlocks the solenoid valve by performing forced opening/closing series. If this process is not sufficient, the "alarm" function is activated to notify service personnel about the failure.

    The LogiDrain series includes many models divided according to flow rates. All models are adapted to work with any type of condensate (even more corrosive ones and those with high oil content). A built-in, easy-to-clean filter protects the solenoid valve against clogging.