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Abrasive collecting-filtering vacuum system DG50EXP

  • Abrasive collecting-filtering vacuum system DG50EXP

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    Abrasive collecting-filtering vacuum system DG50EXP

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  • Abrasive collecting-filtering vacuum system DG50EXP

    This system is designed to collect and clean the sandblasting abrasive from dust and bigger chunks of unwanted material.

    Collecting silos is placed directly on the sandblaster. In-between the sandblasting procedure, the designated person shovel the abrasive from the ground to the bunker, which implemented inside the floor. (included in the package) from which the abrasive is vacuumed, then travels to a silos, where dust and big particles are separated, abrasive is sieved through a special sieve and returned to the sandblaster.

    The collection and cleaning of the abrasive is fast and easy
    The amount of dust is reduced.
    Worker doesn't have to lift heavy abrasive with a shovel - better for his health.
    Technical specifications:

    Working time: 24/7

    Dust removing : MANUAL

    Voltage: 380 V/ 50 Hz

    Power : 4 level: IP 55

    Max vacuum : 3200 mmH2O

    Constant working vacuum: 2600 mmH2O

    Air flow: 420 l/min

    Filter area: 25 000 cm2

    Filter: long-lasting, made of teflon, for M class dust

    Cyclone: integrated cyclone separates most of the dust particles before filter

    Trash container : 100 litrų

    Inlet hose connection : 80 mm

    Noise level: 76 dB

    Dimmensions: 66 x 118 x 147(h) cm vacuum system; 72 x 80 x 112 (h) abrasive silos; 96 x 94 x 44 cm bunker

    Total weigth : 252 kg

    Delivery: Vacuum system, abrasive cleaning silos, bunker with grid for the bigger particles, connecting hoses 2,5 m x 2 pcs.