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Rubber curtain set for blast cabinet

  • Rubber curtain set for blast cabinet

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    Rubber curtain set

  • Rubber curtain set for blast cabinet

    To extend the life of the cabinet enclosure, the interior walls and doors should be lined with rubber curtains. Curtains protect the shell of the blast cabinet from either the direct blast stream and abrasive ricochet.
    Curtains plates are made of special wear resistant rubber and can be easily installed and replaced when worn. Curtains set includes special bolts, cap nuts and washers to fasten the curtains to the cabinet walls.

    It is necessary to choose the right rubber curtain according to the size of the blast cabinet:

    CAB-110 blast cabinet dimensions: internal - 1100x800x840mm, external - 1220x1340x1990mm.

    CAB-135 blast cabinet dimensions: internal - 1350x1100x1070mm, external - 1470x1700x2140mm.